all is here! And with it brings an explosion of rich colors sung throughout nature. It’s my favorite season. I just love the fall palette consisting of cheery oranges, lush yellows, bright and rich reds and delicious browns. Pair this against a bright and blue sky – and you’ll find that it makes for a wondrous world encapsulated in beauty.

Since moving here to Eugene, Oregon last year, my experience of fall has been amplified. It has also leant itself to some of my creative endeavors. In this case, I’ve been inspired to create fall themed gift wrap that you can download and use for free.

This gift wrap download consists of some of my favorite fall colors and tree textures. Once downloaded, print it out at your printer’s highest resolution and then wrap away. Mix and match as you please. For an extra added touch, add a golden embellishment to it. Viola!


Monica Cevallos,
Pretty Present


With this particular set, I tried experimenting by using real leaves I found laying around in abundance. With so many different shapes and sizes, I ended up picking several of them. Then with my favorite metallic spray paint, I painted them gold. Eeeehh! It was really easy and I love the results. Best of all? These gift wrap embellishments were free to find and free to use. 🙂

view-of-orange-and-yellow-fall-themed-gift-wrap-download-by-pretty present