So, I thought, why not whip up a quick, no-fuss post that answers these burning questions? Plus, I’ve got a little something extra for all my gift-wrapping buddies out there. Who, like me, are all about that cozy home-based creativity. Sharing is caring, after all!

Now, before we dive in, let me confess that I’m a bit like a butterfly when it comes to favoring embellishments. It’s all about riding the waves of my mood and letting those creative sparks fly freely. So, without further ado. Here’s my not-so-definitive list – because ranking these would be like picking a favorite star in the night sky. Alas, the order is arbitrary, like my creative whims!

Oh, wait – there’s a cherry on top of this creative sundae! I’ve got something super cool for you. A FREE downloadable checklist that’s ready to roll for your next gift-wrapping adventure. Go ahead, snag it, and let it be your trusty sidekick as you dive into the world of beautifully wrapped presents. Happy wrapping!

Dachshund Pendant Gift Wrapping Embellishment by Pretty Present

Vintage Dachshund Brooch


I love the variety of this kind of embellishment. These come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and material. The kind brooches, I like using are either crystal rhinestones. Or a combination of pearl and rose golds.

Also, the larger the brooch. The easier I have found it to work with. You can find brooches without backs. In other words, they have a flat back. And work well, with adding them to you gift using a hot glue gun.

Yet, another type of brooch I like using are boutonniere / single pin clips. These often have long necks. And are so verstaile to use. Not to mention easy to use. And if you decide to use these with wax stamping as part of the overal embellishment. You’ll find that the long neck will make it easy for you to drizzle the hot wax right over it and then stamp it.

Since these are usually a large decorative pin worn as an ornament on clothing. These, in my opinion, make for an exquisite gift ornament. And therefor can really help to level up one’s gift wrapping efforts.


Big Pearl Crystal Rose Gold Rhinestone Brooch Set

A Set of 4 Large Pearl & Crystal Rose Gold Brooches
(1″ – 3″ inches)

9 Piece Crystal Animal Brooch Set - Antique Inspired Rhinestone Pins gift wrapping embellishment recommendation by Pretty Present Gift Wrapping Service

9 Piece Crystal Animal Brooch Set – Antique Inspired Rhinestone Pins
(1″ – 3″ inches)

A Set of Crystal Rhinestone Brooches

A Set of 4 Crystal Rhinestone Brooches
(2″ – 4″ inches)

6 Piece Set of Crystal Lapel Brooches

A Set of 6 Pearl & Crystal Lapel Brooches
(1″ – 3″ inches)

Hair Clip Gift Wrapping Embellishment by Pretty Present

Nicole Miller Faux Pearl Hair Clip

Hair Clips

I’m really into using those cute decorative hair clips for spicing up my gift wrapping game. It’s awesome how you can just clip them right onto the present or attach them to the bow without any fuss.

You know where I’ve found the coolest ones? Places like Macy’s, TJ Maxx, or Kohl’s – they’ve got this stash of gems waiting to be discovered. I’m a bit biased towards TJ Maxx because they often have these clips in adorable sets. And guess what? My all-time fave is the ones from Nicole Miller.

Oh, and that cute red holiday gift on the left? Yep, it’s rocking a Nicole Miller hair clip I snagged early in December. You can usually spot these clips all year round. But the real showstoppers usually pop up right before Christmas and New Year’s. If you’re ever in a pinch and need some quickly. You can always find these types of decorative hair clips on places like Amazon. Quick online shopping to the rescue!

You won’t believe the cool trick these clips have – they’re flat at the back. Which means you can totally get creative by layering them up. Picture this: overlapping clips to create your very own unique designs. That’s another reason why getting them as a set is a genius move – endless mix and match possibilities! Pretty neat, huh?

pretty faux pearl hair clip set for gift wrapped present embellishment

A Set of 18 Pretty Faux Pearl Hair Clips

20 piece fashion set of pearl and faux stone hair clips for gift wrapping present embellishment

A Set of 20 Faux Pearl & Stone Hair Clips

20 Piece Faux Pearl & Rose Gold Inspired Hair Clips for a gift wrapped present embellishment

A Set 20 Piece Faux Pearl & Rose Gold Inspired Hair Clips

Faux Flower Gift Wrapping Embellishment by Pretty Present

Misc. Soft Plant Bushel – Jo-Ann's Store

Faux Flowers / Plants

These are great to design up a present or for helping to relay a specific style/theme in a gift. Since they are light, they won’t weight down the present. Which is great, especially when you’re working on wrapping really large gifts.

Another reason why I really like using these. Is simply because they add a lot of volume and texture to the gift. In other words, they help cover up the top of the present’s surface in a highly decorative manner. They are also easy to cut down to various sizes. And if their stem is small enough, this can work well with wax stamping.

I usually shop for these at my local craft stores. Mainly because I want to be able to see and feel the items first hand. That way I can really see the details and feel the type of material being used. Alas, if you rather shop for them online. You can find a large selection on Amazon. And from time to time, they will clearance these items for pennies on the dollar.

The best time to get them, is before and ruing the spring and summer month’s. Of course, these are available year round. Alas, when it comes to sales. Spring and summer tend to be the best time to get them.

8 Pack of Natural Dried Cotten Stems to use for a gift wrapped present embellishment

A Set of 8 Natural Dried Cotton Stems

French Pink Inspired Luyue Vintage Artificial Peony Silk Flowers to use as a gift wrapped present embellishment

French Pink Inspired Luyue Vintage Artificial Peony Silk Flowers

Super Soft Silk Red Hydrangea Flower Bouquet

Super Soft Silk Red Hydrangea Flower Bouquet

Purple Feathers Gift Wrapping Embellishment by Pretty Present

Multi-Colored Purple Feathers

My Darkly Flowered Halloween Inspired Gift Wrapped Present by Pretty Present Gift Wrapping Service

Flowered Halloween Gift Wrapped Present


These versatile elements serve as excellent tools for creating stunning presentations of gifts. Or aiding in the expression of a particular style or theme within your gift wrapped present.

Their lightweight nature proves to be highly helpful. As it ensures that the weight of the presentation remains unaffected. In fact, I think that this decorative element becomes particularly valuable. When dealing with the wrapping of exceptionally large gifts.

Furthermore, their lightweight property facilitates easy manipulation. Allowing for effortless adjustment to various sizes. This adaptability enhances their compatibility with creative techniques such as wax stamping. Or adding an extra layer of artistic flair to your gift-wrapping endeavors.

So, whether you’re looking to elevate the aesthetic of a present. Or convey a specific mood. This highly decorative element provides an array of possibilities. While maintaining convenience and oh so, pretty elegance in the process.

Multicolor Purple Saddle Hackle Feathers For Gift Wrapping Embellishment

100 Piece Set Of Beautiful Multicolor Purple Rooster Saddle Hackle Feathers
(5″- 6 ” inches)

Natural Pheasant Plumage Feathers for gift wrapping present embellishment

50 Piece Set Of Natural & Pretty Pheasant Plumage Feathers
(2″- 3″ inches)

Gold Dipped Goose Feathers for gift wrapping present embellishment

50 Piece Set of Pretty Gold Dipped
Goose Feathers
(6″ – 8″ inches)

Jewelry Ring Gift Wrapping Embellishment by Pretty Present

Large Faux Gold & Diamond Women's Ring


Adding a touch of sparkle to a lovely gift is a delightful experience. Yet, you might not have fully grasped the extent of their versatility. These charming embellishments have a wide range of uses. That extend beyond mere decoration.

The best part is that the majority of these gems. Come with securely fastened backs, ensuring hassle-free application. And making them ideal for becoming pretty anchored accents on your creations.

From adorning gift packages with a touch of glamour. To lending an air of elegance to various crafts. These jewels offer boundless opportunities for creative expression.

I also think that their multifaceted nature goes beyond their visual appeal. As they can also be used to convey sentiment, enhance thematic elements. Or simply add that extra bit of enchantment to your gifts. So, whether you’re aiming for a sophisticated touch. Or a hint of whimsy, these versatile gems. Are your trusted companions in the art of elevating presents to the next level.

Earrings – Great for highly detailed and layered embellishment. Use pendant earrings for best results.

Necklaces – Great for ‘drizzling’ over a finished present.

Rings – These are easy to slip on and off ribbon. And I love centering them in the middle of an elaborate bow.


• Clip on bow tie (Men’s or women)
• Stickers
• Holiday/Christmas Ornaments (One of my favorites to use, year round!)

Now, where does one go about finding such embellishments? Here are my top 3 places, I’ve had a lot of luck so far:

Yep, you read this right. You see, with their world-wide and ever-growing collection of items. It’s here where one can find sets of brooches of choice. And it’s where I’ve gone to get the best value for my money because, I can buy these kinds of items in bulk.

Retail Stores:
Of course, another great option are jewelry and retail stores. Also, keep in mind that at the end of every season. They will often put them on clearance for pennies on the dollar. And it’s during this time, I’ve found some of my most beautiful and treasured brooches.

Second Hand Stores:
Last but not least, try your local second hand/thrift store. A lot of costume jewelry tends to pass though there. And from time to time, you’ll get luckily. And find pendants made of pure metals and real jewels.

Now, to help give you an extra boost. Included is a free downloadable checklist that is both printable and mobile friendly. So, for those of you who are pen + paper lovers, like me. Download the printable version of the checklist. And start your collection. Or, for those who prefer to have a digital checklist to use on your cell phone. Download the mobile ready version. Alas, if you’d like to get both? Download both. Ready? Set. Go!

I hope this has been not only helpful. But something that inspires while also working to elevate your gift wrapping endeavors. Enjoy!

click the box below – mobile ready checklist

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click the box below – printable ready checklist

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Print, mark and done. Viola!

I’d love to see how you’ve wrapped your present using one of the items for this list. Come and tag me on Instagram to show and share your gifts with me. Or, leave a comment below.

Until next time, my pretties. Stay gifted and wrap on.

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