At last! I’ve found the right kind of kraft gift wrap.

One of my favorite kinds of gifts to wrap are presents inspired by Scandinavian design. If you believe that there’s beauty in simplicity, like me. Then you are likely someone who also likes to wrap their gifts in the same manner. Since its inception during the early 20th century. This aesthetic has embodied a sense of minimalism and functionality. Think lots of clean and open and white space with minimal touches of color or decor.

I’ve long been on the hunt for a good white paper to use for my clients. And in particular. Kraft wrapping paper. Time and time again. I’d buy what I thought was a good roll of paper, only to be left disappointed. The main reason? The paper was way too translucent. In some cases, the paper was so transparent it was as though I bought tracing paper. I mean. What’s the point of buying white gift wrap if you can see right through it. Haha! Or worse yet, the kraft paper proved too thin. Not only would it tear at what felt like the slightest touch. It would crack around the folded edges. Again, another sign of bad white kraft paper.

Until now. I’ve finally found the right white kraft gift wrapping paper. Yep, that’s quite a sentence, isn’t it?

DRUM ROLL PLEASE. Announcing RUSPEPA White Kraft Paper. Viola! You can find and buy it here on Amazon. This paper is not only nice and thick, it’s indeed opaque. At a thickness of 40# weight, it’s why this type of paper does well in covering up wrapped items.

WAIT! Don’t throw away your old white kraft paper. Instead. Use it to wrap future gifts in conjunction with RUSPEPA paper. That way you don’t have to lose out on both time and money when it comes to the old gift wrap.

Check out my mini-tutorial below. Showing you how to do this while making the most of your old and new gift wrapping paper.

The right white kraft gift wrap for your holiday wrapping needs by Pretty Present 2


I am using a bright and graphicly detailed Trader Joe’s box for the purpose of this mini-tutorial. So, you can see the difficulty of my old white kraft gift wrap. As well as see how well the new gift wrapping paper by RUSPEPA compares.


On the left is the old gift wrapping paper. On the right is the new RUSPEPA gift wrapping paper. I took a piece of each and overlaid the new kraft paper over the old. By this alone, you can see pretty easily see the comparison.


Take your old gift wrapping paper and wrap it around nearly covering what will be the front and back of the item. If the gift is small enough. Double the wrap. Make sure to NOT cover the sides.


Leave enough room on the edges so that you have about 1/4 inch left uncovered.

5 & 6.

Take the new kraft gift wrap and wrap your present as normal.


Since the edges of the gift were left open. The new kraft paper is not only easy to fold over itself. Because it folds over itself, it will completely cover up these parts. 


For smooth and flattened endings. I recommend using double-sided tape. Especially when it comes to white kraft paper. This is because tape tends to show up quite well. And that’s one component of the gift, I’d rather keep hidden.


Once you’ve finished wrapping the gift. Using your fingers, lightly pinch around all of the sides of the gift. This will not only help to keep the paper folded and in place better. It will give you the most polished and cleanest of finishes. Viola! 

The right white kraft gift wrap for your holiday wrapping needs by Pretty Present 2

Don’t forget to come and tag me on Instagram or Facebook to show how you’ve used your new kraft gift wrapping paper. I’d love to see your creation and share it. Here’s to you, my gifted friend. Until next time. Stay gifted and wrap on!

Butcher’s paper is a good alternative. It’s thick and opaque. While the outside tends to be matte, the inside will likely have a slight sheen to it. So, you can now pick your side of choice and wrap away.  

. . .