When Fun Gift Wrap reached out to Pretty Present to see if I’d like to review their playful line of custom gift wrapping paper, I was delighted. This innovative gift business start-up is founded by maverick auto racer and designer, Carrie Weimer. The business idea came about when she was once faced with a dilemma of finding gift wrap for her nephew’s 6th birthday party but had no wrapping on hand. Quickly thinking, Carrie took a photo of her nephew from the party invite and used it to design her own gift wrap. It was so popular that it became the star of the party. Her nephew loved it, family and friends loved and thus, FunGiftWrap.com was born. 

What makes this gift wrapping paper unique is that it offers consumers a chance to be creative. It gives the option for one to give a wrapped gift that is custom.

This line of gift wrapping paper is delightful and clever. The colors are lively, bold, and bright. Yet, these large-sized paper sheets are on the thicker side of things. So if you’re still a novice at practicing your gift wrap skills, you might find them difficult to work with. But, there’s nothing like a handy little tool, called a bone folder to help you score. What’s scoring you ask? Scoring is the means to create a deep crease in the paper. Once applied you can then fold it much easier and this will help keep the paper from cracking.

Also, since this gift wrap has a gloss finish, you’ll want to use glossy clear tape. I’ve found that this kind is best to use because it blends right in and lifts off if you need to reset the tape.

As many of you know I’m a crazy dog mom so my pictures of choice were of my little in-house fur muse, Ms. Mia. A little wire-haired dachshund who is so cute that the majority of my time spent was on picking the right pic. This was because I have so many of her. As in…(ahem), hundreds and hundreds. Yep, told you I’m doggy crazed.

After selecting the pictures of Mia to match the gift wrap’s pattern, I wondered how it would look once done. To my delight, the photos of Mia turned out great! I now had a gift-wrap that was fun and personalized. Look below to see how great the gift wrap has turned out.

Since Fun Gift Wrap specializes in custom gift wraps, the paper is on the more expensive side of things. But, keep in mind you are paying for something that is customizable and high end. So, if you after a unique line of gift wrap that allows you to be part of the customization process, it’s worth it.
Also, a little extra sent in with the order is a mini ribbon set with instructions showing how to make an instant bow. Neat-o!

Extra thick gift wrap

The colors are pretty + vivid

The paper's print is clean and crisp (not at all muddied)

Ability to customize + personalize the gift wrap with your own pics

Several holidays and birthday-themed designs to select from

Easy + secure online ordering

If you’re looking for a unique gift wrap that you can customize; look no further than Fun Gift Wrap. It’s so much fun! Visit Fun Gift Wrap.com today and add some extra fun to your day and into your lives.

Last but not least, if you buy this paper I’d love to see how you used it for your gifts. Please come and tag me on Instagram or Facebook and let’s celebrate a bit of fun together.

Use high gloss tape for shiny/glossy gift wrap paper. This tape adheres the best and it lets you smooth over to make it blend in pretty perfectly. After all, when it comes to mastering your gift wrapping skillset – there is nothing like seeing tape sticking out like a sore thumb.

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