It is my personal opinion that gift wrapping is a skillset where if you don’t use it – you tend to lose it. After all, it’s a wonderfully detailed craft that requires time, effort and practice. It’s specific enough that it requires hand-eye coordination and thus dexterity. Simply put; the skill of gift wrapping is truly an art.

Amid the recent craziness that seems to be hitting us all on top of finding ourselves at home with extra time on our hands, why not embrace it as a hidden opportunity to practice your craft of gift wrap? It’s what I’m currently setting out to do. What’s more interesting is that I’ve been finding this to be rather meditative sweetly involved tactile experience. It’s nice to work with my hands. It’s nice to feel the luxurious texture of the materials I use from soft silken ribbons to the crisp and crinkled sounds my gift wrap papers make. I find this also helps to spur one’s creative process and overall imagination when one chooses to simply dive into their craft and not overthink things.

I think gift wrapping is an important means and expression of creativity and heart. So, let’s not lose it. Here are 2 simple yet top reasons to keep up with practicing gift wrapping:

The More You PracticeThe More Accurate You’ll Get.

This translates to saving time, energy and gift wrap. Yep. You read that right. It’s pretty humiliating when you have to pull the entire package apart because of a bad wrap. Not to mention wasting unnecessary supplies like gift wrap, tape, and ribbon. Yikes!

The More You Practice The Faster You’ll Get.

There’s a hidden dilemma when experiencing an influx of clientele. Being too slow. Most clients are pretty patient when it comes to waiting for their items to be wrapped. However, if you can spend less time wrapping items while still maintaining clever and creative accuracy; it’ll mean you can complete more work in less time. Neat!

take a look at these 5 unique gift wrapping idea tutorials to
try out and then add to your arsenal of creativity.

I’ve included a few YouTube gift wrap tutorials too. Simply because sometimes it’s easier to learn when you can see, hear and watch. Enjoy!

DIY layered wrapping paper tutorial showing how to use everyday scraps of gift wrap for pretty and memorable presents. Especially good for staving money and gift wrap.

Learn how to become a speed-wrapper and with one fold and become a gift wrapping pro. I’ve GOT to put this to better practice!

A helpful tutorial from Hallmark showing how to wrap a box. Master this technique and you’ll be sitting pretty!

Two creative ways to practice gift wrapping. With gift wrap paper getting better in quality, adding pleats to one’s wrap is an easy way to add a textured touch to your gift. 

Learning how to wrap odd-shaped gifts is a must for professional gift wrappers. This skillset will especially come in handy when working with clients looking for an extra creative touch to their gifts.

did you find these tutorials helpful?

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A great source of inspiration and a growing collection of gift wrapping tutorials is none other than Pinterest. I enjoy pinning as well as getting lost in the sea of creativity when it comes to finding fellow gift wrap lovers. If you like my pretty, please take a moment and join me on Pinterest.

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