marvelous masu

What in the name? You must be thinking right now. Well, that was one of the 1st thoughts I had when I came across this stunning gift wrapping paper line by MASU. The naming for this unique collection stems from two Japanese words. Because in Japanese, there are two words for giving. Agemasu and Kuremasu. Agemasu is used when you are bestowing a gift to someone. Whereas, Kuremasu is when describing someone is gifting/giving to you. So, MASU embodies all forms of giving. Which is such a beautiful and meaningful name for this gift wrapping paper line.

In fact, MASU’s love of gifting extends to giving back to both planet and our economy. Hence, this line of gift wrapping paper is 100% PCW recycled and is also recyclable. (PCW = Post Consumer Waste). MASU is also designed, made and manufactured all right here in America. ( I love this!)

This gift wrapping paper line, was founded by Libby Hampel. Whose artistic background. Lead to create and form a new venture that would not only align with her love of design. It would also align with her values. Thus creating a strong, authentic and thoughtful business endeavoring. To bring about beautiful gift wrapping products filled with connection and meaning.  To learn more details, about MASU. CLICK HERE to visit their website.

So, after receiving a sampled collection of their gift wrapping paper. I’m so delighted to post about this line. As it’s now one of my FAVORITE gift wrapping papers, I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. From its luxurious and refined texture, to its bright, colorful and brilliant patterns. This is one fine and gorgeous line of gift wrapping paper.

Now, to be pretty honest. As first I was a little hesitant. Because the paper is on the thicker side, in terms of gift wrapping paper weight. My estimate would be putting it at around or a bit above #30lb, paper weight. If you’re not too familiar with this. If gift wrapping paper is too thin. It will rip and tear like crazy. Or worse yet. One can often see right through the paper. And if gift wrapping paper is too thick, it’ll likely crack. And the print or colors will start to chip off the folds. Leaving you with broken, cracked ugly marks all over the gift. MASU’s paper did NOT CRACK!! I was able to fold it pretty easily. And after scoring the edges of the gift. The prints all stayed intact. No cracking! No breaking. No pressure. Incredible, I thought. And a true testament to how well this line of gift wrapping paper is truly made.

citrus twist wrapping paper

A must have for fruit lovers. And for those who fancy modern prints abound with bright and classy colors.

Another thing I loved about this pattern, is that I was able to cut some of the printed fruit into separate pieces. In order to create a matching gift tag.

Grab this gift wrapping paper today and wrap away!

electric leopard animal print wrapping paper

This must have is for those who thrive on ultra bright coloring and whose hearts belongs to animals.

I love how colorful this print is. And when a gift is wrapped in it. It stands out. I think, its’ also perfect for fellow pet parents. Who will also appreciate both the beauty and whimsy of this paper.

Grab this gift wrapping paper today and wrap away!

Electric Leopard Animal Print Gift Wrapping Paper Product Review Pic 1
Triangle Trip Gift Wrapping Paper Product Review Pic 1

triangle trip wrapping paper

This is another must have for color lovers and lovers of shapes. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good twist on triangles? OO! How about getting and using this for your favorite brainy or burgeoning mathmetician? Pythagorean triangle twist anyone? Why yes, please!

Becuase this is such a well detailed pattern. I love how every time you see it. It’s as though you see something new.

Grab this gift wrapping paper today and wrap away!

terrazzo splash wrapping paper

A must have for those who love splashes of playful shapes and color. And for those who favor classic 16th century Italian inspired Terrazzo flooring.

I love the cool rich blues and purples that show so well, in this pattern. And it’s such a fun and pretty pattern that anyone getting a wrapped present in, will surely delight in.

Grab this gift wrapping paper today and wrap away!

Terrazzo Splash Gift Wrapping Paper Product Review Pic 1

flower splash wrapping paper

It’s the power of flower for this ‘flourishing’ and pretty gift wrapping design. Alas, a must for those who love all things flower.

My favorite part of this design, was how lovely and detailed it is. And how it pairs so well, with so many different types of ribbon. Of course, I knew it would work pretty well with one of my golden flowered pendants. Viola!

Grab this gift wrapping paper today and wrap away!

cake smash wrapping paper

Now, this is a must have for cake lovers! Of course it’s also pretty perfectly fit for birthdays. But with bright gift wrapper paper like this, I think it’s simply too delicious to not use.

Since this gift wrapper paper is another one of their detailed papers. I wanted the star for this gift, to remain as the papered wrap itself. Hence, my choice to wrap thin silk ribbon around the present. While finishing it off with a waxed seal embellishment. I even made a quick video showing how to do this. Check it out below.

Does this pattern also make you hungry for something delicious? Great! Grab this wrapping paper today and wrap away.

quick + easy gift wrapping idea

Last but not least. Once of the things I encourage. Those who are endeavoring to start their own home-based gift wrapping business. Is to start collecting paper samples from various gift wrapping manufactures and suppliers. It’s one thing to see pretty gif wrapping paper online. But it’s entirely different to be able to collect, see, touch, feel and hold them in person.

So, it’s really neat to see that MASU offers the option to buy a sample pack from them. For a very nominal fee. I encourage you to at least start by making this kind of buy. And I’m certain you’ll also find this paper to not only be lovely and luxurious. But an item of great worth to add to your own growing gift wrapping supply and collection.

Vivid and beautifully complex prints. This paper celebrates with color!

This gift wrapping paper is smooth, soft and silken.

100% post-consumer waste (PCW) recycled and recyclable.

This gift wrapping paper is also premium coated for an extra velvety touch.

Very generous single sheet(s) sized at 19.75 " x 28.75"

Designed, made AND manufactured here in the USA - Hooray!

Also, please tag me on Instagram or Facebook if you’ve purchased this lovely paper and have used it for your next gift wrapping session. I’d love to see how you’ve wrapped your gift(s), in it. And! I’d love to share your marvelously MASU wrapped presents.

Here’s to you, my pretty. Until next time. Stay gifted and wrap on!

Do you want to keep your favorite gift wrap from being overtaken by ribbon or embellishments? Use thin silk ribbon to tie around the edges of it. And finish it off with either a small wax seal – (home-made or pre-made store brought). Or with a mini tag cut from the gift wrapping paper itself.

(HINT: It’s best to use thin silk ribbon(s). Since it tends to wrap around an object without scratching the surface.)

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