am pleased to announce that a new ‘How To’ eBook is available here at Pretty Present. As you know I love all things gift wrap and pretty much everything related to this subject. It’s one of the reasons why I started this small gift wrapping business. The idea for this eBook came from getting numerous inquiries from fellow enthusiasts who were also interested in starting up their own business and wanted to know how to go about it.

This eBook is 30+ pages and covers how to not only get started but how to also quickly get up and going. This handy little eBook was also designed to help fellow entrepreneurs create a viable year-round business. After all, it’s fun to be able to monetize one’s hobby or ‘love of’ something.

So, if you’re have landed here are looking for some extra help in regards to starting your own gift wrap business or are just considering it, welcome! You’ve come to the right place at the right time. Take a bit of time and explore more…


Monica Cevallos,
Pretty Present