New year. New eCourse. New You!

As I bid 2021 farewell and welcome in 2022. It’s also with great joy that I’m happy to announce a brand new eCourse. As some of you may already know. I have and sell a current e-book. Dedicated to teaching others how to start their home-based own gift wrapping business. It has done well. Yet, for some time. I’ve wanted to be able to offer something much more detailed and extensive.
ANNOUNCING! How To Start & Build A Home-Based Gift Wrapping Business eCourse. This is a comprehensive and step-by-step program for anyone who is ready. To take their love and craft of gift wrapping and turn it into a successful home-base business of their very own.

In a time when it’s becoming more and more important, in my opinion. To have an extra means of bringing in income. Not to mention the often over whelming sense once can have about starting a business of their own.

This eCourse is designed to be as detailed as possible. While also relaying specific and actionable steps one will need to take. All to help ensure one’s startup success. Yay!

After all, it’s one thing to be able to wrap a well-thought-out and crafted present. So, why not take this natural talent and turn it into something that can serve everyone and anyone?

And with 5 complete modules (A.K.A. – chapters), included in this gift wrapping business eCourse. Along with a set of client onboarding tools, templates, self-marketing kit and more. You will be well guided.

Free Fall Printable Gift Wrapping Paper Pink Design by Pretty Present

Authentic Beginnings

Pricing, Supplies & Suppliers

A Discernable Brand

Marvelous & Memorable Marketing

The Wrap-Up

Oh! Last, but not least, and one final little toot of my own horn. This eCourse comes with optional coaching/mentoring bonus. Though it’s one thing to endeavor a new journey. It’s usually best, when you don’t have to journey it all on your own.

So, ready to take that leap? Ready to take your passion and turn it into profit? Are you ready to start something new and something that will not only help bring a smile to other’s life and love(s)?

Great! See you soon, my gifted friend.