Boo! I have ANOTHER something spooky for you!

Last week, I uploaded and posted about a free set of Halloween themed cupcake toppers.

This week, I have created a matching set of gift wrap tags.

So, if you find yourself with any last-minute gift wrapping needs for Halloween.
Grab this cute tag set and use it to help add a custom touch to your gift.

With these pre-designed items, all you will need to do is download the file onto your desktop. Print, cut, and create!


•  A Single Sheet of Pre-Design Gift Wrap Tags ( 8.5 x 11)

• 4 Gift Wrap Tags ( ~ 3.3  x 2.5 inches)


• Scissors

• Decorative Straws or Flat Wooden Dowels ( for the handles so you can easily tuck the tag into the ribbon)

• Black Gift Wrap or Black & White Stripped Gift Wrap

• Satin Black or White Ribbon or Black Patterned Ribbon ( 1 – 2 in., ideal size so you can easily tuck the tag into it.)

• Orange Satin Ribbon (to add in a classic Halloween color to your gift)

• Craft Glue or ModPodge (Matt- will dry clear)

• Optional: Black Textured Craft Paper (for the backs of the gift tags)

Last but not least. I’d love to see how you used these pet-themed gift wrap tags!

Come tag me on Instagram or Facebook to showcase how ‘furbulous’ you are!

Fold the bottom part of the gift wrap tag underneath itself so that the only part of the tag the recipient sees is the part that reads  “go head open it”.

Turn the tag over and write your recipients name on it. This will cause them to have to unfold out the bottom part of the tag in order to see it as well as read the ‘spooky’ part of it.

This will help add an extra dose of Halloween fun to your personalized gift.

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