Happy May!

With the arrival of this beautiful month. I’m sure looking forward to warmer days, blossoming flowers, and plenty of sunshine.

Heck! It’s the perfect time to celebrate and enjoy the lively colors and festive spirit of Cinco De Mayo! While this holiday originated in the state of Puebla, Mexico. It has become a beloved celebration across America. And I’m excited to share a special way to join in on the fun.

To help you immerse yourself in the festive spirit of Cinco De Mayo, I have put together a delightful set of free gift wrapping tags that are inspired by this vibrant holiday! These tags are perfect for wrapping gifts for your friends and family, adding a personalized touch that celebrates the joy of the occasion. They can also be used to bring a splash of color and festivity to your home, making your presents stand out and adding a special touch to your celebration.

You can use these tags in a variety of creative ways beyond just gift wrapping. For example, you can adorn your dining table with them to enhance your decor or attach them to treat bags for your party guests. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to fully embrace the lively and colorful traditions of Cinco De Mayo!
Free Cinco De Mayo Gift Wrapping Tags & Toppers Download by Pretty Present Gift Wrapping Service

download this goodie

1. Card Stock Rocks!

For the best results, use card stock paper instead of regular paper. Card stock is more durable and will hold up better to wear and tear.

2. Make These Tags Stand out.

Using card stock for these will also make it much easier to attach a small paper stand to the back of the tags. This allows you to slide the stand under the gift’s ribbon to keep the tag upright and discreetly hidden.


Free Cinco De Mayo Gift Wrapping Tags & Toppers Download by Pretty Present Gift Wrapping Service

print, cut, wrap and decorate!

After printing out the tags, use small, sharp scissors to cut around each one. If you have a Cricut or Silhouette Cameo desktop cutter, that’s perfect! Simply set it to cut around each tag and let it work its kiss-cutting magic!

PRINT HINT: Set your printer to the highest resolution for optimal color and rich saturation in these gift wrapping tags and toppers. Voilà!

Free Cinco De Mayo Gift Wrapping Tags & Toppers Download by Pretty Present Gift Wrapping Service

grab your favorite margarita and celebrate!

Now that you’ve finished your latest masterpiece, it’s time to celebrate! If you’d like, please share your creations with me on Instagram.

FINISHING HINT: Use a hole puncher to create a perfect hole for looping your ribbon or twine. Place the tag on a sturdy surface, align the puncher over your chosen spot, and press down firmly and evenly for a clean, precise hole.

I had a blast putting together this Cinco De Mayo-themed gift. And I hope you enjoy using these tags as much as I did creating them.

Download your set now and spread the joy this Cinco De Mayo! Have fun, my gift-giving friends!

Free set of Cinco De Mayo gift wrapping tags by Pretty Present

I would love to connect with you on Instagram. Join me and tag me to share your Cinco De Mayo gifts and show me how you used these tags. I’m excited to see your unique and creative presents!

Until next time, my pretties. Stay gifted and wrap on.

For a festive touch, add small, colorful papel picado flags to your gift wrapping. Attach them along the ribbon for a lively and vibrant decoration that celebrates the spirit of Cinco De Mayo.


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