The 4th of July will soon be here. Hooray! To celebrate with my fellow gift wrapping enthusiasts. Here is a free marketing gift just for you.

If there’s one thing to do when it comes to marketing your gift wrapping business. It’s getting it wrapped up with social media. (wink wink). One of the best things I like about using social media platforms. Is that it’s a great and creative way to market your services. In a manner that’s not only fun. But also highly personal and personalized.
So to help my fellow gift wrapping business entrepreneurs. I’ve created a set of 6 free 4th of July social media graphics for you to promote your business. They are sized at 1080 x 1080 pixels to be compatible with Facebook and Instagram. Of course, if you rather use them on another social media platform such as Twitter. The size will also work well.
For extra versatility, I’ve created them to be editable. Each graphic is open for you to edit the text so that you can create your own messaging. The colors within each graphic can also be edited if you wish. This is to make them better match your brand.
These editable self-promo graphics have been created as Canva templates. What’s Canva, you ask? Canva is a free online editing and graphics app. What I like most about Canva, is that you can use it for free. If you’d like to learn more about this free editing and graphics app., and to sign-up for a free account. Please click here.


Free 4th of July Social Media Graphics To Promote Your Gift Wrapping Business
Free 4th of July Social Media Graphics To Promote Your Gift Wrapping Business
Free 4th of July Social Media Graphics To Promote Your Gift Wrapping Business

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Last but not least, I’d love to see how you used these on your social media feed. Please tag me on Instagram or Facebook to me know.

Here are 2 extra tips in using this set to go beyond promoting your gift wrapping service for this 4th of July. 
Use them to pose a question or idea for your audience. This will help to grow your audience’s engagement and/or interaction with you. 

Or use one of the graphics to create a favorite 4th of July or American celebrated quote.

. . .

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