With more and more people going online to search for a specific kind of business. Now is the time to start marketing your gift wrap business online. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is to take advantage of the power of Instagram. Especially when it comes to harnessing this image-driven app. To build brand awareness for your gift wrap business. It’s a great way to let people in your community know you exist and start networking. What’s more.

To help you get started. Here are 5 ways you can use Instagram to promote your gift wrapping business.

post regularly

To see consistent results, your posts need to be consistent. So aim to post at least 3x’s per week. Give your followers a chance to get to know you. And work on building trust with them. Alas, this takes time and repetition.

use & follow local hashtags

Using local hashtags can help to increase your reach and get your post seen by other users in your area. You can also follow local hashtags, making it easy to engage with prospective clients. Especially since a gift wrapping business is a locally based type of business, this will be important for you. Try looking for local gift-wrapping or gift related specific hashtags. As these are often used by potential clients.

#giftwrapperofyourcity = #giftwrappingeugene
#yourcitygiftwrapping = #eugenegiftwrapping
#giftwrapserviceyourcity = #giftwrapserviceeugene

download my free hashtag list maker

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engage with prospective clients

Follow possible client leads and engage! Engage by liking and leaving a sincere comment on their posts. In addition to leaving a comment. Pose a question as part of the comment or at the end of it. This will signal to the user that your interest is genuine. And will more likely grab their attention as well.

take advantage of multiple image posts

Have tons of photos showcasing your gift wrapping skills? Perfect! Alas, make sure to not annoy your followers by blowing up their feed with a constant stream of your pretty pics. Instead, post as a collection of photos. And post up to 10 photos in one post. This will also cause your visitor to stay longer on your feed when swiping through your pics. Plus! Here’s an extra bonus for you. Instagram will show followers different images from the same post at different times. This can help increase your reach and engagement. Fabulous!

post stories

Try and vary your posts to include more than pictures of pretty presents. Use this platform to highlight your business with Instagram stories. It’s easy to take a quick video as you go about your day on your phone. Show a behind the scenes of your gift wrap business. Or make a video showing your gift wrap home office or showing off the array of ribbon selections you have on hand. You can even pick your favorite stories to highlight on your profile. By the way, stories are the first thing Instagram users see at the top of their feed. So, don’t overlook them.

not sure what to post?

Pretty Present has you covered. Take a moment to visit my shop, dedicated to catering to gift industry professionals. Find a growing collection of premade and social media marketing templates and kits. Many of them are Canva ready or complete Canva templates. This means you’ll be able to customize the graphics with your brand colors, fonts, and logo. And you’ll have fresh relevant content every month. Not sure what Canva is? Click here, to learn more about this free online graphics and editing app. It’s pretty neat. And I also use it regularly.

Would you like to see more Instagram templates added to the shop? If so, what types? Seasonal related? All in one kit? Or premade gift wrapped theme graphics? Please share your feedback with me and let me know.

Last but not least. I can attest to the power of Instagram. It’s helped me to not only get my business and name out there. But it’s also given me a chance to showcase my gift wrapping skills while garnering feedback. So, I hope that these 5 ideas will help fuel your imagination and efforts. For when it comes to networking and marketing your gift wrapping business.

If you’re already on Instagram, I’d love to meet and socialize with you there. Or come and tag me on Instagram and share how these 5 Instagram social media marketing tips have helped.

Until next time, my pretties. Stay gifted and wrap on.

Similar to stories, but perhaps better. Instagram how now rolled out reels where you can create short video clips and text and music. Note: some features may not be available to all users just yet. The reach and engagement for reels can be above and beyond a post or story currently. So, just onto this opportunity while this feature is new and that’s still the case. Viola!

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