Christmas is only 10 days away. Hooray! One of the best things about having a home-based gift wrapping business. It is having control over your service, it’s work process. And most important; control over client’s experience. Here are 5 easy, yet impactful and professional things you can do to level up client’s experience.

Holiday Scented Candle for clients for your home-based gift wrapping business by Pretty Present

A Soothing Scent

Get high-end candles that have either a cinnamon or cinnamon and apple scent. Those tend to not only be the most neutral of scents, but also the most common holiday inspired scents. Stay away from using too cheap of scented candles. For two main reasons.

1. These types of candles tend to emit too much smoke.

You clients will end up smelling the smoke more than the candle itself.

2. These types of candles tend to exude too much black soot.

As a result, stains surrounding areas and walls. So, not only are you left with ill-marked walls and more. You have more to clean up after.

Cinnamon Aroma Scent For Clients For Home-Based Gift Wrapping Business by Pretty Present

Sweet-Smelling Spice – Cinnamon Joy

For a more budget friendly alternative. Fill a pot with water and bring it to a boil. Then take 2 raw cinnamon sticks and throw them in and turn your stove down to let them simmer for the next hour or so. NOTE: As a good rule of thumb. It takes about 2 sticks of cinnamon for about every 2 cups of water.

FUN FACT: This scent may be perfect for your work envionment. Cinnamon can sharpen your mind. Not only is it one of the coziest scents out there – but this spice is known to boost your brain power. Fabulous!

Make Home-Made Cookies For Clients For Home-Based Gift Wrapping Business by Pretty Present

Cookie Cheer

Make a batch of fresh cookies and serve those to your clients. You can even pre-package them in a small baggie or sandwich baggie of choice and then tie a ribbon around the top. And then present them to your client upon their arrival. This is an ever great item to do for clients wanting to stay and wait, while you wrap. So, why not give them something delicious and home-made to eat?

COOKIE BONUS POINTS: The 3 best cookies to make during the Christmas holiday are oatmeal chocolate chip. Molasses or Gingerbread!

Holiday Candy for clients for your home-based gift wrapping business by Pretty Present

Handy Candy

Batch up on small hard or soft holiday candies. And serve them to your clients upon pick-up. Or for those wishing to stay and wait while you wrap their gifts. The 2 most favored candies, based on my own client experience. Has been either peppermints or butterscotch.

Background music for your clients while wrapping for your home-based gift wrapping business by Pretty Present

Marvelous Music

To add an extra dose of holiday cheer as well as classy ambience to your in-home environment. Have some Christmas music playing lightly in the background.

Personally, there are two types of music, I like playing the most. It is either Christmas jazz or classical. And when it comes to holiday inspired classical music, I tend to favor either baroque or classical guitar.

Another reason I prefer these two styles is because there is generally no singing. Now, that may sound like I’m a bit of a Grinch. But my main reason for this is that it won’t end up competing for my or the client’s attention. This is especially important while in the midst busy season and in the midst of conducting professionalism.

Viola! There you have it. 5 business tips to help level up and heighten your client’s gift wrapping experience. While also working to help you keep and grow your clientele.

After all, there’s nothing like having happy clients. Share their experience with their family, co-workers and friends. About your exceptional home-based gift wrapping business.

Are there any other tips you know of? And if so, might like to share? Fabulous! Let me know by leaving a comment below.

I’d love to meet, connect, and socialize with you on Instagram. Join me or come and tag me on Instagram and share how these 5 tips have been of help.

Until next time, my pretties. Stay gifted and wrap on.

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