As a professional gift wrapper, attention to detail and efficiency are paramount. You want your clients to receive beautifully wrapped gifts. That leave a lasting impression. But have you considered how the right work apron. Can enhance your gift wrapping experience? I recently discovered a game-changing addition to my wrapping toolkit. A professional Chef canvas cross back apron. Here’s why it has made such a difference, and here are three crucial reason. Why gift wrapping professionals should consider investing in a top-quality apron. Like the very one I’ve come to love:

Organized Tool Access:

One of the first things that struck me about my new apron is the abundance of pockets. Gift wrappers rely on an array of tools, from scissors of all sizes. To small metal rulers and a paper bone folder for making crisp creases in gift wrapping paper. These tools are essential. But they can be frustrating to keep track of during a busy wrapping session. With this new apron, I’ve found the perfect solution. In that, I can literally wear my tools. Ha! The multiple pockets of this Chef styled canvas cross back apron. Offers snug and secure storage for all my essentials. So, no more wasting precious time hunting down a misplaced tool. Everything I need is right at my fingertips.

Customizable Professional Look:

Maintaining a distinctive and professional appearance is vital for gift wrappers. And branding plays a significant role in establishing your identity. I decided to take my apron customization a step further by adding my business logo to the front pocket. The sleek and black color of the apron provided an ideal opportunity for showcasing my brand. By using an Avery T-Shirt Transfer kit and my trusty home office printer. I was able to transfer my logo onto the apron. The result was a pretty, personalized, and professional touch that clients see. And will hopefully appreciate.

Yet, a word of caution: I used a transfer kit that was good couple of year old. BIG mistake! This ended up causing some issues during the printing, peeling and ironing process. (Which will you see via some of the pics and included video). So, I highly recommend using a fresh transfer kit. Simply because it WILL give cleaner and accurate results. It’s a small investment for a more polished, professional and prized look.

Comfort and Ergonomics:

As many of you probably already know. A gift wrapper’s work can be physically demanding. Hours of bending, folding, and meticulous attention to detail. Takes its toll on your body, especially if you’re using a traditional apron. With straps that tie behind your neck. The cross back design of this canvas apron has proven to have been a major work related tipping point. For the simple, yet distinct reason. A cross back apron distributes the weight evenly across your shoulders. Eliminating the uncomfortable strain on your neck. Since I made the switch, I’ve noticed a significant reduction in discomfort and fatigue. Making my wrapping sessions more enjoyable and productive.

Here are a few links for you to purchase this same apron, which also comes in an array of colors. So, if you need to find one that will match with one of your business’s branding colors, you’ll likely find a great fit:
*A SMALL REMINDER: The link below is the exact same T-shirt transfer kit I used by Avery. I’ve used others and have found that Avery, is the best in terms of paper brightness and quality again, if you have such a kit on hand, great! Just don’t make the same mistake and use it, if it’s older than a year. wink

Black Canvass Cross Back Adjustable Apron

Black Canvas Cross Back Apron recommended by Pretty Present
This currently comes in 6 different colors. Including this dark + rich black as well as a pretty light gray.

*Avery Printable T-Shirt Transfers – For Dark Fabrics

Avery Printable T-Shirt Transfer Recommend by Pretty Present
The paper brightness and quality for this brand, seem to be quite good and has, for the most part. Stood the test of time.

Printworks Dark T-Shirt Transfers – For Dark + White Fabrics

Printworks Dark T-Shirt Transfers Pretty Present Recommend
This iron-on transfer very popular option on Amazon and has a nearly 5-star rating. And budget-wise, is pretty amazing!

To see my new apron in action and how it complements my gift-wrapping business. I’ve captured some images of my latest creative venture: crafting my own brand swag for Pretty Present.

In addition, I’ve put together a quick Instagram video reel that not only showcases the apron’s benefits. But also serves as a friendly reminder to use a new/newer transfer kit for logo application, as you will, ahem, see. LOL!

To test things out. I began by printing my logo on plain paper to get a feel for the style and size. Then I cut around the tester logo and positioned it over the front pocket.

I highly recommend trying this 1st! Because it gives you a really good idea of how things will look and how well they’ll fit.


Ah, you know what they say – life’s not perfect! So, my brand-new apron, which I’m so excited to show off. Wasn’t without its mishaps.

I’ll be honest, two things went awry here. First, I used an old transfer kit. And secondly, I held the iron down a tad too long. Resulting in a portion of the logo getting scored (Hence, the darker portion of it). Oops! But, you know what? I’m going to be taking this in stride. Most of the logo still looks great and I can always replace it after a few washes. I’m still loving my new apron. And I can’t wait to make it even better! 


The end result. Hooray! OR? “Thanks for playing. Try again next time!” LOL

Social proof to show just how awesome this latest gift-wrapping tool is!

I have a strong hunch that many of you might be eager to get your hands on this fantastic apron, just like I have.

So, here is my gift to YOU! As well as to make it even more enticing, I’ve created a FREE Canva template. This template offers precise measurements for the front pocket, ready for your use. You can effortlessly upload your gift-wrapping business’s logo and print it using a dark/light t-shirt iron-on transfer kit.

I hope this little creative resource proves to be a bit of extra help. My fellow gift-wrapping enthusiast. By enabling you to more easily craft beautifully branded items for your business. Viola!

An attractive and convenient tool

It's easy and budget friendly

Use extra transfers to brand more for your gift wrapping business

A small learning curve for transfer application

Limited stock availability

As gift wrapping professionals. It’s the little details that can make all the difference in our work. And a well-chosen apron can serve as a valuable addition to your creative toolkit.

In conclusion, I personally believe. That a gift wrapping professional deserves a pretty and crafty tool. That matches their dedication to their love of gift wrapping. This Chef canvas cross back apron as well as the time, energy and effort. Into using a transfer kit to personalize it with my own logo. Has proven to be a worthy investment. From offering organized tool access. To being a means to wear a customizable professional look. While fitting you for enhanced comfort during long wrapping sessions. Don’t underestimate the impact of the right tools, and in this case, the right apron. It can truly elevate your gift wrapping experience. And leave a lasting, pretty and professional impression on your clients.

Alas, one last note dear reader: If you buy this arpon and/or T-shirt iron on transfer kit. I’d love to see how it turned out! Please tag me on Instagram or Facebook and let’s celebrate your latest gift wrapping win!

When it comes to the t-shirt iron transfer kit. You can use any remaining transfers to brand other items you use for your gift wrapping business. Such as, jackets, hats or cloth bags. Neat-o!

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