Instagram has grown exponentially in the past few years. So now, not only is it important to have your business there on Instagram. It’s become just as essential to be mindful when it comes to creating and curating content. Especially if you are starting out with your business. And/or are looking to build a loyal online following.

Well, my pretties. Here are 3 ways to instantly and easily build your visibility. And thus professional reputation on Instagram for your gift wrapping business. All with the goal to garner an audience that will feel compelled to watch and engage with you.

1. Customize Your Highlights

Instagram stories have become more and more important in the world of social media. And, just as important is to have customized Instagram Highlight Covers to match. With custom IG Highlights you’ll be able to not only make a great first impression. You’ll also have a cohesive aesthetic.

After all, as a refined gift wrapping professional. It’s important to make sure your social media feed matches this very fact. Here are a few reasons why.

A. Because first impressions will make a lasting impression.

Since IG Highlights are featured right below a brand’s bio and above its feed, your followers will see this content first.

B. IG Highlights is a pretty perfect opportunity for your business…

to not just tell its brand story, but to show it. Be as creative as you want and take this chance to express yourself.

C. Custom IG Highlights tap into the benefit of longevity.

These will help to draw in your audience to stay longer on your profile. And the longer the new visitor stays the more likely they’ll become a follower. Likewise, the longer a returning visitor stays the more likely they’ll engage with you.

Speaking of custom Instagram Highlight Covers. And as a fellow small gift wrapping business owner. I’ve got your back! Come and unwrap a growing collection of Instagram Story Highlight Covers here in my store. From pre-made and stylish sets to fully editable IG Highlight sets. I’m sure you’ll find something suited pretty perfect for you.

2. Mix Up Your Content’s Feed

This can be kind of hard. Mainly because I’m someone who prefers showcasing client gift wrapping projects. And all-around creative wrapping endeavors. But, to keep my own feed from becoming stale. It’s best to mix things up. Here are a few ideas to help mix up your feed.

A. Post a ‘behind the scenes’ content.

Show yourself wrapping a present for a client project. Or show your work station after such a project. This is a great way to show and share the inner workings of business while also making it personal. After all, when your audience can personally relate to you. They’ll not only likely engage with you more, they just may remember you enough to become a client.

B. Post a ‘before and after’ picture.

For example, you can post a picture showing an item before and after you have gift-wrapped it. This is a great way you can showcase your ninja gift wrapping talents. All the while making an attractive point about the need or importance of your service.

C. Post an inspirational quote.

This can either be an inspirational quote written/said by you. Or a written quote from another source. (Be sure to give the author credit). Or a quote that is specifically related to our gift wrapping niche-based market.

EXTRA BONUS POINTS: Use one of your own gift wrapping pics to serve as the background for the quote.

3. Pretty Your Photography

It’s been said: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Indeed! Know what’s worth even more? Your gift wrapping business.

You see, I believe that photography is one of the most powerful tools a creative can use. Not only does it speak to the talent and level of expertise of your service(s). It will serve to help you sell without selling. And it’s such a versatile tool, once taken. You’ll be able to reuse it just about anywhere else. From self-promo materials, flyers, and more!

Here are 3 quick and easy photography tips to help you create photos that’ll show, sell ad seal your talent.

A. Shoot Near A Window

There’s something about natural light that indoor lighting will never be able to achieve. Shooting with natural light also helps to best show the true coloring. And for an extra bonus tip, use a reflector to help bounce the light back and into your photo. This also helps to cut as many shadows as possible while making your subject matter pop! Reflectors can be found for fairly cheap on Amazon. Or you can buy smaller / tabletop sized white foam board from your local craft/hobby shop.

B. Take A Lot Of Pictures

Make sure to take a lot of pictures so that you have a lot to chose from. First, this leaves you a bigger chance of having that ‘perfect’ shot. Secondly, this helps to take the pressure off of getting that ‘perfect’ shot within a short time frame. Especially if you want to use the best time for taking pics using only natural sunlight. And since the light constantly moves about, your time frame is shortened as result.

C. Camera Trip-Pod – A Must

Invest in a trip-pod for your camera or desktop trip-pod for your phone. This is important for both DSLR and phone photography. You see, even the slightest movement can ruin a picture. It’ll ruin all the hard work, setup, and effort you’ve put into the beautiful gift you plan on showcasing. If you feel too encumbered with getting a standard-sized tripod, you can get a tabletop sized one. Not only is this something smaller to use. It can be more mobile. By allowing you more areas in which to shoot, because it will fit into almost any sized space. And is simply easier to pick and carry around. Viola!

EXTRA BONUS POINTS: Use a flexible tabletop tripod. With wrap-around flexible legs, you can take and pose your camera just about in any position, in any place, and anywhere. So versatile. So fun. 

My Hope + Gift For You

I hope that with the info I’ve posted here. And with a little bit of investment of time and effort put into your Instagram account. I believe that you’ll be able to grow, garner, and gain a loyal audience. After all, it’s worth it. And even more? You’re worth it.

not sure what to post?

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I’d love to meet, connect, and socialize with you on Instagram. Join me or come and tag me on Instagram and share how you’ve been able to gain visibility on Instagram using these 3 tips.

Until next time, my pretties. Stay gifted and wrap on.

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