Christmas is only 3 days away. Ah! If you’re anything like me. I often wait for the last minute to wrap my own gifts. Every year, I promise myself it’ll be different. Yet, every year is the same. LOL! How about you? Are the same?

Well, don’t worry your pretty little head. Here are 2 quick and easy DIY video tutorials. Showing how to make a fold your own custom envelope, fit to hold gift cards perfectly. No matter the size OR shape.

What’s more? I also show three different and creative ways to decorate the envelope. Thus making it all the more pretty and unique!

easy christmas envelope gift card hack

Grab your favorite gift-wrapping paper or use white gift-wrapping paper. Red string and any leaves you can find. To make a sweet and holiday-inspired present. So easy! So pretty.

Needed Gift Wrapping Tools:

Gift Wrapping Paper Of Your Choice – Kraft or Thick Gift Wrap Tends To Work Best
Scissors, clear tape, ruler, X-ACTO knife
Red Bakers, Ribbon, Washi Tape, Twigs, Pine, String, or More

easy christmas envelope gift card hack

No need to fear for lack of time or material. Watch this video to see 3 different ways to decorate the newly finished gift card envelope. So easy! So pretty.

EXTRA GIFT WRAPPING TIP:  Use wired ribbon. This kind tends to stay in place the best. Or if you’re using silk or soft ribbon. Use double sided tape under the ribbon to hold it in place on the font and back sides –  Fabulous!

Viola! There you have it. 3 DIY envelope wrapping ideas for gift cards.

After all, nothing like being able to be both creative and resoureful. When it comes to tackeling your gift wrapping needs for beloved freinds and family.

Are there any other tips you know of? Let me know by emailing in or sending in an DM to me on Instagram.

Until next time, my pretties. Stay gifted and wrap on.

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